The Leo Lewis Football Academy (LLFA) provides student athletes with the opportunity to realize their dreams of attending a camp of the highest caliber as a supplement to their athletic development. LLFA also emphasizes the importance and value of education.

Coaches, teachers and counselors contribute to the summer program by focusing on lifeskills such as; leadership skills, goal setting, social responsibility, career development, drug and alcohol awareness, time management and college recruiting. Further emphasis is given to strength and agility testing, flexibility and speed, weight training, nutrition and sports enhancement exercises.

The History of LLFA

The LLFA has a rich history of over 1200 attendees, representing over 80 high schools since its inception in 1993. Among our alumni include 2003 Heisman Trophy runner-up and Academy of Holy Angels star Larry Fitzgerald Jr. from Minneapolis and Lane Kiffin – a premier college coach.

Lifeskills Training

Experts in a variety of lifeskills professions help Academy participants realize the importance of balancing their priorities and goals in the athletic setting. An open forum and group discussions follow workshops. Topics covered include:

  • Team building
  • Time management/Goal setting
  • Social responsibility
  • College recruiting strategies
  • Career development
  • Character and citizenship development
  • Drug and alcohol awareness
  • Sports medicine/nutrition

Sports Training

The athletic portion of the Academy focuses on the fundamentals of offense and defense with special attention given to the passing game. The Academy features lessons in:

  • Flexibility and speed improvement exercises
  • Position instruction
  • Sprint and agility testing
  • Group and team drills
  • Structured games
  • Weight-training education
  • Performance enhancement exercises

Youth Football Clinic

Up to 100 youth from the Minneapolis and St. Paul area are invited each summer to attend a free four-hour instructional clinic devoted to skill development.